happy me

happy me
"I'm not pissed yet"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Now I'm a little pissed.....and wondering, should i post this?

Re: title of this blog....I've never been without the gift of poetry (or so an old friend, a world renown psychic, told me, rest his beautiful soul)......Anyhoo.....
You'd think that some people had the courtesy, nay, the courage to pick up their phone and at the very least, text to you that they are not coming to a small gathering of friends, albeit planned on short notice. It's just a text. For Christ's sake, I find out from a mutual friend, in an offhanded sorta way! And this gathering was for someone we haven't seen in 3 years....i don't understand people sometimes, so my prayer to the Universe is this: please help me to understand people in a more constructive way and forgive them their small transgressions as i hope they will forgive mine. That's paraphrasing from The Lord's Prayer, by the way.....a powerful prayer if you say it right.....for instance, according to the original Aramaic (the language that Jesus spoke) it is "leave us not in temptation" not "lead us not into temptation"! Why would the Lord Thy God "lead you into temptation?" Unless you are assuming that the very nature of our reality, at least on this plane of existence, is dualistic by it's very nature? (check out the book by Dr. Rocco A. Errico, "Setting A Trap For God, The Aramaic Prayer Of Jesus" it translates the original prayer back into Aramaic for a unique understanding of the words)
        But I digress....and i can do just that because this is my blog!....but i'm not as pissed, now that i write about this incident. I guess i shouldn't be too surprised. After all, this was the same person who tried to break up with his girlfriend via text! i called this person the very next day while waiting for a plane to take me to SoCal and told this human they were kinda chickenshit crazy and just might be missing out on the love of their life! Of course, a few years later i tried to remind this same person about my phone call, they couldn't remember me making it!!! Lord make me an instrument of thy peace and help, at least my memory, not be so selective! Happy Easter!......Sun. April 24th 2011
PS: Said couple is expecting they're first child and i could not be happier for them! So much for bein' pissed....it's always temporary anyway.....breathe, Lanning, breathe!

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