happy me

happy me
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Just another day at the Post Office (But only in New York)

I enjoy my little walk to the P.O. when i need to pick up a package, buy or deliver something. it's an interesting neighborhood. I hear on the average of 6-9 languages spoken, which is kinda cool to me and it inspired my current walk/run challenge to myself.
     So , I get there today to pick up something (yes, I have the proper slip) and the minute I walk in, I hear some lady at a window screamin' at the top of her lungs about God knows what ("that woman came out here and put her hands on me!" was about all i could make out) suddenly, she starts down the long line of people, 10-12 waitin in the regular line (there is a money order/pick up only line, thankfully) and starts sayin "fuck you" and "fuck you", pointing to these folks, who as far as I could tell, had nothin' to do with whatever predicament she happened to be in. Then she turns to me and says "and what the fuck you lookin' at?" fuck you too!" I rather innocently said, " didn't do nothin" to which she replied "well fuck you anyway!" 
     Now I'd already had kind of a frustrating day, it was about 4:40pm (which, I have found, is normally a good time to go to the Post Office near where I live, just apparently not today). Well, something snapped a little in my mind so I started grinning, kinda looked at her (she was big enough to cause some major damage, let alone eat a house) and sheepishly said "you're not my type"......a few people in line started giggling, she was beyond the humor of it and she started screaming and flailing her bag around like she was goin' after me (honestly, i was scared shitless! "Hell hath no fury" and all) and at that point two policemen walked in (Whew!) They could not get her to calm the fuck down and eventually handcuffed her and escorted her out, all while she's screamin' at all of us! I really don't want to know what went wrong before I walked in, but it was just another day at the Post Office.....i think .....
M.Lanning 4/29/11


  1. hahha... Michael!!! what a day!! what a story!! poor thing.. maybe she's just had a bad year and if we knew all the crazy stuff that's happened to her we'd probably say "Fuck everyone" as well!! LOL... so funny what you said to her though.. hee hee.. too bad she couldn't calm down enough to laugh with you xo

  2. Hiya Suzie! I know, right? God only knows what went on before i walked in! rarely have i felt so innocent!! LOL!! i see crazy all the time on the city streets, but not so much in close quarters, let alone so intense! i just felt sorry for the poor gal...and i thought i detected a little look of guilt on the face of the postal worker she was deallin' with
    but at least i got my George Orwell Reader from Amazon.....
    maybe if we just did as we were told, things would be easier... :o)
    PS: WAS tryin' to break the ice with the comment though......jus' sayin'