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happy me
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Monday, September 19, 2011

An Open Letter To Donald Trump...(the STFU blog)

Dear Donald, 
We all know you have been very fortunate and worked very hard in your life to get where you are, with a little luck thrown in for good measure...you have a soul, i know this because you are alive and breathing and somethimes point out things that actually make a lot of sense (like China cleaning our clock and “ripping us off”...good stuff!) But sir, you are letting your Ego use you completely and it’s embarrassing! An “embarras de choix” as it were (embarrassment of riches). As much as you think you are part of the solution, in the big picture, not so much! Your Ego is lying like some huge, fallen tree on the superhighway fastlane of your existence (yes, there is more than just this  particular life to consider). Your Ego is obstructing your path, your view to a gentler course in time.
Your endless need for attention may not be tiring to you, but we are fuckin’ exhausted! There is more to life than just being “The Donald”. You must know this! And the most ironic, hilarious thing about writing this is, the fact that i am writing about this!
Let me get to the point. Stop the “birther” bullshit. It’s counterproductive. And stop pandering to the likes of Alaskan celebrity Sarah Palin and Cowboy Rick Perry. (yes, you are pandering or rather, you’re Ego is) Sad thing is, they are really pandering to you in the hopes (they are praying, maybe?) that you don’t even threaten an independent run for the Presidency. YOU’RE EGO LOVES THIS SHIT!! You can’t help it because as i said earlier, you are letting your Ego use you! Ask yourself the question, “Who is it, that is saying “I”? Access your true self and find what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature”. Please. Find peace. For all of our sakes!
Otherwise, shut...the...fuck...up.

 P.S. Oh yeah. You said, and I quote, “Meatloaf, should I run for Preisdent?” Yup!! That got said...


  1. I feel your pain. Does anyone else (other than Newt) have as much hubris, delusions of grandeur and self-love?

  2. I'm sure there are, Alicia, but as yet i have not experienced them....i take that back....maybe Rudy Gulianni!