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happy me
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Friday, July 22, 2011

How Now Brown Cow? (one of several poems I've written over the years)

I can only listen as the world just passes me by
I can only dry my eyes as the world continues to cry
as I bear the unbearable, care for the uncareable
watch as the seasons tick tock doom I scream in laughter
delight in the chapter we are reading now
How now, brown cow?
I cannot predict the tempest’s tocata de futile
I cannot sprinkle “the art of the deal” onto the masses
without an apology to the scrape in the distance
no apologies for the repulsive reminiscence
despite divine insistence we remain at the plow
How now, brown cow?
when will you give up your notions of limit forever
as you plow to endeavor the cure of what seems to be
with a sick stab at a definition of reality as you see it, blind
i return to a gentler course in time
as much as my civilised nature will allow
How now, brown cow?
I cannot, yes I can, take you on a journey up the nihilistic impression
that we are all equal (my hand is bigger than yours, I’m sorry, my obsession?)
into the rest of the fever it goes, what goes?, what leaves?, and what else shows?
I’m sure the hems of madness cover the bets and dab at the sweat upon our brow
How now, brown cow?
I can conjure up the blessing sevenfold in the seven sister’s love for the ancient then
and you must follow your own regression back to the floressence of the holy modern
now and zen, where the light itself is dim but harsh and you will not be able to stop
dancing when you finally learn the truth about the Dance
when we all took the Chance, and then we all forgot how
How now, brown cow?
the Reality will pierce you like a glance from the eye of Horus in the nightclub of your
nightmare and softly, without a care, you will start to get the joke’s on you, your head
filling with p-p-p-pooh while the person nearest you will look the other way as you 
projectile vomit all over everything you hold in holy, sacred, wow
How now, brown cow?

written in the weeks following 9/11

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